Spike Eur'Open

The Spike Eur’Open will start 5th of January, it's a Blood Bowl 2 team competition, each team composed by 3 coach inspired by Eur’Open/EuroBowl rules. Competition is resurrection mode in round swiss format with 5 round of 2 weeks, each coach in a team must play a different race, all coaches start each game with the same roster and skills they registered before the tournament.



Sub on Discord

Registered Teams

The Spike Bowlers
Pulp Friction
Les bosons de HYG
Hédonistes Fournisseur de Rire

Spike is a Blood Bowl 2 discord bot, you can invite Spike on your server and join his discord server too.

Spike can automatically generate match report for all your leagues/competitions, it allow you to display team overview and scheduled match directly in discord. If you want you can join the project, Spike bot is open source on Bitbucket feel free to fork, contribute or what you want.

Spike was created by Poncho dlv and you can support the project on Patreon.

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